E.Grieg "Solveig sang" arr. by Kj.Marcussen [26.05.2019.]

Kjell Marcussen "Officium" [23.11.2018.]

Puccini "La boheme" Musetta's waltz [20.06.2018.]

Festiwal ORGANy PLUS+ 2018 JESIEŃ + Bach [04.01.2019.]

Verdi "La Traviata", Violetta's "E strano..." [20.06.2018.]

La Boheme, Musetta, quando m'en vo [15.05.2017.]

Fidelio, aria of Marzeline [01.04.2017.]

Francis Poulenc "Fiançailles pour rire” FP. 101 (1939) [03.12.2016.]

Orfeo ed Euridice, Amore, Gli sguardi [03.09.2016.]

Sankt Peterburgo simfoninio orkestro su Molėtų mišriu choru ir LMTA solistais koncerto fragmentas [26.06.2016.]

Recent news

30.04.2015. V. Zaunienės dainininkių konkursas tęsia tradicijas

V. Zaunienės dainininkių konkursas tęsia tradicijas

Lietuvos muzikos ir teatro akademija kartu su Akademinio skautų sąjungos Vydūno fondu (Čikaga) talkinant Studentų skautų organizacijai, jau šešioliktą kartą rengia Vincės Jonuškaitės-Zaunienės dainininkių konkursą.

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Recent events


Maurice Ravel "Scheherazade"

Shéhérazade is the title of two works by the French composer Maurice Ravel. Both have their origins in the composer's fascination with Scheherazade, the heroine and narrator of The Arabian Nights. The first work, an overture (1898), Ravel's earliest surviving orchestral piece, was not well received at its premiere and has not subsequently been among his most popular works. Four years later he had a much greater success with a song cycle with the same title, which has remained a standard repertoire piece and has been recorded many times.

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Vera Talerko - the winner of Paula-Salomon-Lindberg Competition

Yesterday evening the final of the 14th Paula-Salomon-Lindberg Competition took place at the Concert Hall of the University of Arts Berlin :We congratulate Vera Talerko-Mihailova (soprano)