The Queen Sonja International Music Competition [20.08.2019.]

Gala koncertų transliacijos [20.06.2019.]

E.Grieg "Solveig sang" arr. by Kj.Marcussen [26.05.2019.]

Kjell Marcussen "Officium" [23.11.2018.]

Puccini "La boheme" Musetta's waltz [20.06.2018.]

Festiwal ORGANy PLUS+ 2018 JESIEŃ + Bach [04.01.2019.]

Verdi "La Traviata", Violetta's "E strano..." [20.06.2018.]

La Boheme, Musetta, quando m'en vo [15.05.2017.]

Fidelio, aria of Marzeline [01.04.2017.]

Francis Poulenc "Fiançailles pour rire” FP. 101 (1939) [03.12.2016.]

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20.04.2015. New young opera "Grizelda"

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L'occasione fa il Ladro



Mozart Prize: Vera Talerko

It was very inspiring competition for me. To get an award for best Mozart interpretation means a lot for me. Because I strongly believe that Mozart in his last years was one foot in romantic epoque, and it turnes out that jury liked my version.

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