15.04.2018. Mozarts Grosse Messe

Mozarts Grosse Messe

Sunday, 22 April 2018 at 18:00 in Frogner Church

Oslo Chamber Orchestra and Academy Choir invite a joint project in which we perform Mozart's Grosse Messe in c-moll. With us we have an exciting solo team and conductor Gjermund Bjørklund.

Even though Mozart's Fair in C-Moll from 1782-83 was not completed, it is still called "the Great," and is considered one of history's foremost sacred compositions for two sopranoolists, tenors, basses, choirs and orchestras.

Managers and soloists:
Conductor: Gjermund Bjørklund

Soprano: Vera Talerko
Soprano: Asta Kriksciunaite
Tenor: Krzysztof Aureliusz Luczynski
Baryton: Zygimantas Galinis

Wolfgang A. Mozart: Grosse Messe in c-moll

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