21.07.2018. Mozart Prize: Vera Talerko

Mozart Prize: Vera Talerko

It was very inspiring competition for me. To get an award for best Mozart interpretation means a lot for me. Because I strongly believe that Mozart in his last years was one foot in romantic epoque, and it turnes out that jury liked my version.

To be on stage for me means to educate audience, we are the storytellers of a composer. And it doens not matter for what kind of audience i sing for, it is always a pleasure to be on stage.


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Julestemning i Sagene kirke 07.12.2016

I år har vi med oss sopransolisten Vera Talerko som for tiden er tilknyttet den Norske Opera og Ballett som vil synge fra de vakre solist-satsene i "Messias".